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Den Affen ganz nah

Abenteuer Affenberg
 Burg Landskron

You will experience the 150 macaques as in the wild, seeing how they fall in love, sometimes fight, raise their own children, you can also see them swim and even dive.

Hoch in die Lüfte

Burg Landskron

In a demonstration, lasting about 40 minutes, you will experience our free flying birds of prey in the up current of the famous castle Landskron.
After breathtaking flights, the birds return to the falconer standing just in front of you. Behaviour and habits of these endangered species are explained in detail.

Spannende Tiere

Tierpark Rosegg

Explore the varied living space of Rosegg Animal Park with its fascinating animal species. Or get an insight into the past in Rosegg Castle with its waxworks and enjoy fun and excitement in the large Rosegg Maze.






The panoramic road winds up and down between the “Nock’n” through 52 bends and numerous turns with gentle incline.
New views open up time and time again, such as of the largest stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps, as well as the round, green summits of the Nockberge and the vast mountain pastures.


Villacher Alpenstraße

It’s 16.5 km long, has seven bends and 116 turns, cover 1,200 altitude metres and offers the most spectacular views and unique experiences


Malta Hochalmstrasse

Through the Valley of Plunging Waters to Austria’s highest dam – the 200 m high Kölnbreinsperre. Walk along the 4.5 km long, deep blue Kölnbrein reservoir and enjoy views of the glaciated 3,000 metre high peaks


It's raining


Terra Mystica

 Schaubergwerk Terra Mystica

Using the original 1300 km tunnel system of the Bad Bleiberg Erzberg, two fascinating historic mines were built following the closure of the active iron ore mine. One with a mystical wonderland and a another with a display of the working world of mining.

Obir Tropfsteinhöhlen


The fascination of the Obir Dripstone Caves is due to the unequalled mix of natural and man-made beauty and to the symbiosis of a history of 200 million years and modern technology.


Granatium Radenthein

GRANATIUM is a family-friendly garnet gemstone world of experience. It offers a fascinating exhibition with the unique garnet room, mysterious tunnels, and a special highlight: a spot where you can find your gemstone on your own.


Over the clouds


Gerlitzen mit See

Bergbahn Gerlitzen

Gerlitzen – tourist attraction for the whole family in the heart of Carinthia. Let us bring you at 2.000 m above sea level and you’ll be captured by the unique landscape. Rustic alpine cabins pamper you with traditional dishes


Bergbahn Dreiländereck

This unique meeting point of three countries, languages and cultures offers multiple hiking possibilities in 680 to 1.600 m above sea level and a diversified local flora. Unique is also the view to the Karawanken, the Julian Alps, Gailtal valley and the basins of Villach and Klagenfurt.



The favorite destination among hikers! From the city to the mountain. The Goldeck cable car will bring you up to 2.000 m above sea level. One of the most beautiful hiking region with a stunning panoramic view from lake Millstätter See to mount Großglockner. Ideal starting point for family hikes!




Carinthia’s most beautiful lookout point! Enjoy a unique panoramic view of Carinthia and its impressive landscape of lakes (lake Wörthersee, valley of four lakes of Keutschach) and mountains from an altitude of 920 m - from the world's highest wooden look-out. Using one of Europe's most modern panoramic lifts or the staircase you may comfortably reach the panoramic platforms

Burg Hochosterwitz

Burg Hochosterwitz

Hochosterwitz Castle was first mentioned in a 860 deed and is possessed by the Khevenhüller family since the 15th century. With its 14 ancient gates along the castle‘s trail, Hochosterwitz Castle is one of Austria‘s most important and impressive Renaissance castles.



Around the world in just one day! Come admire 156 of the most beautiful construction models, ships and trains from all over the world. The Taj Mahal is a stone’s throw away from Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China is just a few steps away from the Basilica of Saint Peter. Many interactive stations on 1300 sqm indoor exhibition space are perfect for an active family adventure.

  • Heinrich Harrer Museum Dalei Lama
  • Größte Holzplattform Pyramidenkogel
  • Hauptplatz in Feldkirchen
  • Burgbau zu Friesach
  • Burg Hochosterwitz
  • auf der Hochrindl vom Wind verweht
  • Terra Mystica
  • Nockalmstraße
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