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Nudelbacher – Das Landidyll - Hotel
Hotel Nudelbacher KG

Nudelbacherweg 1 (Bösenlacken 6)
9560 Feldkirchen

Tel. +43 4276 32 75
Fax +43 4276 32 75 66

Our bank account

Hotel Nudelbacher KG
Sparkasse Feldkirchen - Bankleitzahl 20702
IBAN AT 672070200000008128
BIC spfnat 21 xxx
UID ATU 66995013


Sägewerkstraße 5
83416 Saaldorf-Surheim

Tel. +49 8654 / 77044 0
Fax +49 8654 / 77044 18

Publisher Information

Landidyll-Hotel Nudelbacher - Hotel Nudelbacher KG´
Address, ZIP, Location: as stated above
Type of Business: Hotel

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