Kulinarik Melone

Eat Well, Drink Well

Our Kitchen will Pamper your Palate

Our meals are straight from mother's family recipes and make for highly appetising and healthy food, whichar are also suited to the present day.

The ingredients for these tasty meals come from the local farms, ensuring that they are particularly tasty. Even the herbs, which add so much to your meal are taken from the family garden. Why not also try our homemade jam for breakfast? Truly a culinary delicacy!

  • Frühstück
  • Da staubt's in der Nudelküche
  • Käsnudel
  • Die Forelle aus dem Gurktal
  • Käsedessert
  • Naschen ist doch erlaubt
  • Chefkoch Rainhold spielt mit dem Feuer
  • Dessert
  • Paella schmeckt auch in Kärnten
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